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Delivery and protection

Orders shipped once manufacturing is complete. Allow a manufacturing time of 3 to 10 days, this time may vary depending on the order: blank plate, engraving or printing on demand, modification of the writings on the plate, etc.

Reminder: When you order from us, you use French artisans to make your plates. Each step, from the design of the plates to their manufacture, is carried out in our workshop and on demand. This choice, although costly in terms of time, allows us to guarantee a quality service. We therefore thank you for your understanding regarding our production times.

The delivery times indicated take effect from the dispatch of your order, i.e. once its manufacturing has been completed.
The manufacturing and shipping of orders takes place on working days.
Compliance and regulations
Yes, our plates comply with the requirements of Technical Inspection (CT) and the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FFVE).

We work daily with garages to facilitate the passage of technical inspection (CT) for many vehicles. In addition, it is not uncommon for the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FFVE) to recommend us for the reproduction of old plates that are too damaged.

General questions

A manufacturer's plate or tare plate or conformity plate is used to certify the vehicle or equipment on which it is placed by the manufacturer.

It makes it possible to identify a vehicle with certainty and ensures traceability thanks to a set of data, in particular the serial number of the vehicle (motorcycle, car, etc.) and its country of origin.