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French manufacturer

We specialize in the manufacturing and engraving of nameplates and metal plates of various types.
Nos capacités s’étendent à la réalisation de plaques de toutes dimensions et formes, à la demande, pour particuliers comme professionnels.

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trailer manufacturer plate made by printing

Manufacturing of aluminum plates by screen printing

A layer of ink is deposited on the aluminum plate before enclosing it with a protective layer. Thus giving a high quality rendering capable of withstanding time.

aluminum engraving
Engraving by material removal

Consists of machining the surface using a tool. Depending on the thickness of the plate, it is possible to create through engravings.

Explanatory illustration of the anodizing treatment applied to the manufacturer's plates

Treatment of manufacturer plates by anodizing

Our plates treated to sustainably resist corrosion, salt spray, UV and chemicals.

Further information

We produce aluminum plates in small and medium series for professionals and individuals.  Our plates can be delivered with  printing (number, logo, etc.), extrusion engraving and drilling on request. 

1500+ references in stock, do not hesitate to contact us by email or on networks.

Thanks to our experience and our partnership with Brittany Plate, we assure you the best quality for each of your orders.

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