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Whether you call them punch rivets, hammer rivets, or solid rivets, these hand fasteners have been used for centuries and remain a genuine and practical solution for joining two parts together. The robustness of the solid rivet, combined with ease of installation, emphasizes that the installation of rivets does not require threading or complex steps.
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Our types of rivets

POP Rivets
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SIM rivets
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Copper Rivets
copper rivet fixing
Correctly install a POP rivet
Pop rivets represent the gold standard in brittle shank fasteners, suitable for a variety of applications without specific constraints. Part of their appeal is their ease of use, eliminating the need to access the back of the part, and offering an easy assembly process.

When it comes to attaching a nameplate using Pop rivets, follow these steps:
Checking the manufacturer’s plate: Make sure that the manufacturer's plate corresponds exactly to the vehicle on which it will be installed. It is imperative to fix the plate permanently in an accessible and non-removable location of the vehicle, such as the chassis or the engine block.
Preparing the chassis: Use a drill equipped with a drill bit matching the diameter of the rivet to drill the chassis to the correct dimensions. This will guarantee perfect alignment between the holes made in the frame and those in the plate.
Installation of the manufacturer’s plate: After deburring the edges, place the nameplate and insert the rivets into the previously drilled holes. Using rivet pliers, tighten the rivets until the shank begins to deform. This deformation will hold the plate securely in position.
Finalizing the fixing: Once both Pop rivets are in place, continue tightening until the rod breaks. This guarantees permanent fixation of the plate on the frame, thus ensuring its stability.
Checking the fixation: Make sure the nameplate is securely attached. If necessary, clean off drilling residue to achieve a clean, professional result.
By following these steps, you not only ensure a sturdy attachment of the nameplate, but also an efficient installation procedure thanks to the judicious use of Pop rivets.
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