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Bag of 6 Copper Rivets to Strike (NFE 27153)

Product presentation

Discover our copper rivets with round head, specially designed to meet the fixing needs of builder's plates and frame plates. These rivets are high quality mechanical fasteners that have gained their fame through their iconic use on the Eiffel Tower. In addition, they are appreciated by enthusiasts of medieval products. However, their versatility extends far beyond these areas, making them indispensable in industries such as design, architecture, and various design applications.

Use for Builder Plates and Frame Plates

Our round head copper rivets are ideal for attaching builder's plates and frame plates. Their use in this context offers numerous advantages:

  1. Robust fixing : These copper rivets guarantee a strong and durable fixing for your builder plates, ensuring that they stay in place, whatever the conditions.
  2. Blind installation, access from one side : This feature allows easy installation, even in hard-to-reach places.
  3. Simplicity of installation : You don't need any complicated specific tool to use these rivets. They are user-friendly for DIYers and professionals.
  4. Aesthetic Appearance : The domed round head of these rivets adds a touch of elegance to your plates, improving their overall aesthetic.
  5. Versatility : These rivets can be used to attach builder plates to various surfaces, whether in construction, design, architecture or other related fields.

In short, quick, simple assembly and an authentic rendering. These striking copper rivets guarantee quick and solid assembly, while giving an authentic appearance to your installations.

Other usage examples

The copper round head impact rivet is a versatile fastener that finds its place in many applications. You can use it in various fields, including:

  • Construction : Used for fixing structural parts, this rivet guarantees a strong and durable connection.
  • Assembly of designer furniture: It adds a touch of authenticity to your furniture creations, while ensuring robust assembly.
  • Architecture : Architects appreciate the versatility of this rivet for structural or decorative applications, hence its use on the very famous Eiffel Tower.

Add a touch of class and reliability to your projects with our copper rivets with round head. Their versatility and benefits make them perfect for a multitude of applications, from construction to design to architecture. Order today and discover the quality and effectiveness of our copper rivets for your mechanical fastening needs.

Dimensions6×3 mm
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