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Staub identification plate


Staub identification plate.
Center distance: 115mm

Faithful reproduction of old aluminum plates 1 mm thick
Suitable for Staub “Passe-Partout” tillers fitted with a Staub or Bernard engine (e.g.: PP4, PP5, PP6, PP3B, PP4B, PP5B, PP6B, RT412, AM10, etc.)

Dimensions150×60×1 mm
Plaque gravée ou vierge en option
blank plate
printed text
Engraved text (+€5.00)
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SIM rivet set (+€1.00)
POP rivet set (+€1.00)
Bag of 6 Copper Rivets to Strike (NFE 27153). Rivets to hit
Lot of copper rivets (+€1.00)
No rivets (+€0.00)
One lot = number of holes in the plate The copper lot is suitable for brass plates
Length under head6.50mm
Head thickness1.50mm
Shank Diameter2.49mm
Length under head6.00mm
Head diameter5.50mm
Shank Diameter3.00mm
Tightening1.50 – 3.50 mm
Grand total
Interactive image, check the rendering.

Do you need rivets?

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  • 3,00 
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