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Tare plate: usefulness and obligations for trailers


When you own a trailer, it is important to know the regulations in force and to respect your obligations. Among these obligations is the affixing of a tare plate on the trailer. But what is a tare plate? What is its use? What are the legal obligations regarding the tare plate?

What is a tare plate?

The tare plate, also called the manufacturer's plate, is a metal plate attached to the trailer chassis. It contains several important information, including:

  • The name of the manufacturer
  • The trailer model
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Trailer tare
  • The total authorized weight (GVWR)

Use of the tare plate

The tare plate is useful for several reasons:

  • To identify the trailer: The tare plate allows the trailer to be identified in the event of theft or accident.
  • To find out the weight of the trailer: The tare is the weight of the empty trailer. It is important to know the tare weight to be able to calculate the total weight of the trailer when loaded.
  • To comply with the regulations: The tare plate is mandatory for all types of trailers. It is important to respect the regulations in force regarding the tare plate.

Legal obligations regarding the tare plate

The tare plate must be:

  • Visibly and permanently attached to the trailer chassis
  • Permanently readable
  • Complies with the requirements of current regulations

In France, the regulations concerning the tare plate are defined by the decree of February 1, 2001 relating to the technical and safety requirements applicable to trailers. This decree stipulates that the tare plate must be:

  • Attached to the front part of the trailer chassis

  • Be made of weather-resistant material

  • Include the following information:

    • The name of the manufacturer
    • The trailer model
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • Trailer tare
    • The total authorized weight (GVWR)

Sanctions for non-compliance with regulations

Failure to comply with the regulations regarding the tare plate may result in sanctions, including:

  • A fine of €135
  • Immobilizing the trailer

Tips for choosing a tare plate

When choosing a tare plate, it is important to:

  • Choose a plate that complies with current regulations
  • Choose a sign made from weather-resistant material
  • Choose a plate large enough for the information to be readable


The tare plate is an important document which allows you to identify the trailer, know its weight and comply with current regulations. It is important to choose a tare plate that complies with regulations and attach it visibly and permanently to the trailer chassis.


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Note: This blog post is an informational document and does not replace consultation with a legal professional.