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Renault tractor manufacturer's plate


Renault tractor manufacturer's plate.
Drilling distance: 53/77mm.

Remanufacturing faithful to the old aluminum plates 0.5 mm thick, for Renault automobile tractors of the D series (D16, D22, D30, D35, etc ...), E series (E30, E71, E72, etc ...), N series (N71, N73 , etc…), Junior, Master, Super (Super 5D, Super 7, etc…), V series (V31, V71, V73, etc…) but also the R3042, R7012 series  or other model.

The serial number is engraved across it as originally. The holes are rectangular.

Dimensions 95×66×0.5 mm
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Length under head 6.50mm
Head thickness 1.50mm
Shank Diameter 2.49mm
Length under head 6.00mm
Head diameter 5.50mm
Shank Diameter 3.00mm
Length 6.00mm
Diameter 2.40mm
Tightening 1.50 – 3.50 mm
Grand total
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