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Simca identification plate

Indicative visual: Plates manufactured with centered numbers and capital letters.

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Dimensions70×66×1 mm

Simca identification plate.
Center distance: 63 59mm

Remanufacturing of manufacturer's plate for Automobile SIMCA type Simca 9 or other model.
The type and the PTAC will be screen printed in the same way as the rest of the plate. If you choose the engraving option, only the serial number will be engraved.

Configure your plate

blank plate
printed text
Engraved text (+€5.00)
Click on the image corresponding to your choice, e.g. 'Blank plate' to hit the empty squares yourself.
Write 'Blank box' in the boxes to be left empty
SIM rivet set (+€1.00)
POP rivet set (+€1.00)
Set of six copper rivets with round head. Rivets to hit
Lot of copper rivets (+€1.00)
No rivets (+€0.00)
Lot of rivets = number of plate holes
Copper rivets are suitable for brass plates
Length under head6.50mm
Head thickness1.50mm
Shank Diameter2.49mm
Length under head6.00mm
Head diameter5.50mm
Shank Diameter3.00mm
Tightening1.50 – 3.50 mm
A plate with a serial number
A blank plate / without serial number
Please send us the required documents to confirm your ownership status.

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